Trigger warnings: This is for mature audiences 18+. This books contains: bullying, verbal abuse, physical violence, attempted murder, attempted SA and profanity 

Tinker's Affliction

"The world doesn't need an abomination"

Tinker Thompson is a world renowned child protégé known for her out of this world inventions, from curing deadly diseases to turning humanity into couch potatoes.  But despite her countless accomplishments she has always dreamed about having a family of her own. 

Now months away from being booted out of her foster home, Tinker has given up on wishing for a family, until one day, a family requests to see her. What she thought was going to be a routine twenty-four hour trial turned out to be the family she had always been wishing for.

But this family isn't your average white picket fence family... and neither are their friends. 

Especially the boy next door who seems to never leave her side.

Tinker knows that her new family is hiding a secret. But how will they react when they find out that she too has a secret of her own...

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